The purchase of a disposable electronic cigarette is often the first act in the world of e-cigarettes.

The advantages of the disposable electronic cigarette are numerous compared to the rechargeable electronic cigarette.

The disposable e-cigarette is not expensive, does not risk leakage over time, does not require maintenance, we do not lose much to lose or break it unlike the rechargeable electronic cigarette.

disposable electronic cigarette how it works
It's very simple, it works like a rechargeable electronic cigarette with the difference that it is for single use.

No need to recharge a battery or liquid. It is ready to use and when you finish it, you throw it away. In fact, it is close to a classic cigarette that we light and which we throw the mega at the end. We use the disposable e-cigarette, we throw it away, and we take another one.

In our opinion, disposable electronic cigarettes are the best alternative to cigarettes because they are cheaper to use.

Our disposable electronic cigarettes are available with or without nicotine, in brown, blond or flavored tobacco.

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